In 1935 Mr. Vitale Rossi leaves from Agordo and arrives in Venice to start a new experience in  the family sausage factory in San Stae. On the 14th of May 1949 he started his first business in Fondamenta Pescaria at the number 1768. In 1955 together with his wife he moved here and established the “Salumificio Rossi Vitale”. In the 80s his children Giorgio, Carla, Stefano and Paolo joined the family business. Their activity started by selecting the pigs in the Venetian countryside. They were then brought to the slaughterhouse of San Giobbe that slaughtered around 25 pigs a week. Later the pigs were taken to the sausage factory to be processed into various products. With the wholesale they supplied restaurants, bars, delicatessen, bakeries and boarding schools in Venice, Mestre and Treviso area. The 2nd of August 2003, after 50 years of work the “Salumificio Rossi Vitale” closed the business. In 2009 the Digital Printing Centre “Al Canal”, with Mrs. Anna priceless help, starts a recovery plan of building and equiments to enhance the historical value of the structure. 

  • Al Canal | Centro Stampa | Venezia
  • Al Canal | Centro Stampa | Venezia
  • Al Canal | Centro Stampa | Venezia



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